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Women with an Education

are Limitless!

Meet The Leaders


Founder and President

Robin Davis, Founder and President of Pretty Girls Go to College was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Robin holds an undergrad degree in Human Resource Management, currently working on her Graduate degree; majoring in Organizational Leadership and Administration.


Robin is very passionate about education and she’s made it her mission to influence young girls to get excited about college and their education as well. Robin became a teenage mother at the young age of 16 years old and she’s vowed to be the voice of purpose for young girls who may be facing adversities in their lives that may cause them to choose a different path other than education. Given all of the odds that Robin has faced she was able to overcome them. Robin knows that her situation could’ve ended up differently as so many other teenage mothers do. Robin will use her platform to provide support for young girls with financial assistance, career readiness, abstinence, health and wellness, life skills, coping skills, and so much more.


Board Member

Stephaine Crosley (Steph Crosley) is a Milwaukee Native, graduating from Rufus King High School in 2006. She then  went on to earn her Bachelors degrees in Social Work and Communication from Cleveland State University (CSU)  where she earned a full scholarship to play basketball. While at CSU, she helped the program to two Horizon League Championships and two trips to the NCAA tournament. Stephaine went on and earned a Masters Degree in Education from UW – Stevens Point.

At a young age, Stephaine's favorite movie was "Lean on Me." A movie she would watch over and over again of a man who's tough-love antics provided hope to the hopeless and love to those who felt undeserving. One thing that always stuck with Stephaine was his message: "If you do not succeed in life, do not blame your backgrounds, do not blame the establishments, blame yourself!"

Despite all odds placed against her, Stephaine has been determined ever since to find her purpose and to fulfill it without making any excuses. In her efforts, Stephaine has devoted countless hours designing lectures and workshops to continuously help make those around her better.

Stephaine is passionate about improving the well-being of people, more specifically women through dialogue, reflection and affirmation. She believes the power in every woman not only knowing her potential, but believing in her potential and working on it. If women become better: the families become existent and the communities become stronger.

Stephaine is the Author of "With Love" a self-reflective, interactive book that forces readers to bring to life, situations and issues that are resting in their unconscious mind that may be preventing them from being the best person they can be. Owning your own truths is critical in the progression stage of life.

Stephaine is the founder of Real Talk, which rest under the WOMEN (Widening Opportunities to Motivate, Empower and Network) Movement Brand.  In its second year, Real talk has reached thousands of young Millennials, addressing long-standing issues that once confronted, expose lasting truths.

Stephaine is available for one on one mini Real Talk coaching sessions, event hosting and motivational speaking.


Board Member

Glenna Scholle-Malone, born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, currently serves as the Assistant Vice President for College Persistence and Special Projects at the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County in Madison, WI. Glenna has nearly a decade of experience in college access and success programming through her professional roles, most recently serving as the Assistant Dean for Student Development/Director of Student Inclusion and Involvement at Edgewood College, as well as when she served as the College and Career Readiness Coordinator at PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc.


Glenna earned her undergraduate degree in Child Development and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and later received her Master’s in Education at Edgewood College. As a Black woman, through her experiences both educationally and as a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence, she fully understands the importance and impact that education can have for young women. Glenna uses her platform to encourage and support young woman about the endless opportunities available to them through education and how college can be a key step to fully realizing their potential and purpose.


Board Member

Kayla Beckum is a Milwaukee Native, graduating from Nicolet High School in 2005.  She then went to earn her bachelors degree in Marketing and Sports Management from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois.  With determination, Kayla finished undergrad, 4-year program, with a double major in only 3 years.


Shortly after graduating college Kayla began her career at a prominent law firm in Milwaukee.  She has been the in-house accountant with the firm for 9 ½ years.


Although an accountant served as Kayla’s career, it wasn’t until she became a mother is where she really connected with her passion.  That was hosting children’s/kids events.  Growing up Kayla would give herself “over-the-top” birthday parties and as and adult promoted at different nightclubs.  It was her daughter’s, Havan’s, first birthday party where her passion came to life.  Since then Kayla has given the biggest kids fashion show Milwaukee’s urban community has ever had with reality TV show star King Harris hosting it.  She’s coined her daughter a “kid socialite” who gives the “best kids party ever” in Milwaukee.


Kayla loves volunteering in the community.  She serves as the coordinator for Milwaukee Juneteenth Pageant and on the board for the Juneteenth Festival Committee.  She also serves on the board her family’s 54 years old legacy with Beckum-Stapleton Little League.  


As a mother with daughter its important to instill in her that “Pretty Girls go to College” and are very successful just like her mom!



Board Member


Board Member


Board Member

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